Network Security

Platform 24 provide a wide range of services to assist with your security which is the biggest responsibility for any Business IT Support. 

While you can invest in all the right hardware for your network a lack of security can be a big risk of serious downtime to your business. With the recent rise of Ransomware in Australia specifically targeting businesses it has become more important than ever to ensure your security systems are in order and a bulletproof backup is in place. As your Business IT Support partner Platform 24 will proactively protect your network with the latest security hardware, software & helping your staff decide whether something online is safe to open or not.

Here is an overview of the services we can provide for security.

What to expect from our Network Security

We aim to provide reliable, high quality managed services to small and medium business clients throughout the country. When you choose our solutions, you can expect the following services…

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Firewall Management

Platform 24 has experience in a wide range of firewall solutions commonly used by small to medium business. Providing Business IT Support to a wide range of customers and industries allows us to see what works the best for every companies price range. While we mainly deal with Sophos, Cisco & Draytek solutions we can support anything that is required by your business.

Managed Anti-Virus

While there are a lot of anti-virus solutions that work on the market there are many benefits to a managed solution. From one single console we can view the current status off your entire network and remote remove any threat that has been detected. With reports and alerts you can be sure we will be taking action to reverse an infection as soon as possible.

Spam Protection

Australia has recently seen a large increase in targeted spam with a lot of these emails containing Ransomware or other malware. By stopping the spam before it even enters your network we are able to drastically decrease the chance of an infected email being opened. Our hosted spam solution also has an added benefit that during any downtime with your email server we will hold all mail on our system until your server is ready meaning no email will be lost.

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